Happy Galentines day!

So, I’m a bit late to the party but better late than never. This post is a dedication to my Galentines, the women I admire and who inspire me.

Amber Thomas

Patient. Caring. Persistent. Smart AF. Advisor. Confidente. Advocate. Has shown faith in my abilities that I aim to deserve.

Rosie Hare

As awesome in person as online. The living embodiment of Leslie Knope. Advisor. Gossip buddy. Crushing libraries one day at a time.

Donna Lanclos

Knows her own mind. Not afraid to say what she thinks. Strong. Kicking ass and taking names internationally.

Ann-Marie Scott

Filthy and irreverent. Kindred ranter. Smashing all things TEL north of the border.

Sally Bogg

Hard working. Tenacious. Inspirational AF! Killing it (it being IT) all damn day.

Karin Crawford

Hard working. Patient. Intelligent. Supportive. Formative AF!

Kelly Sisson

Works harder than she should. Cares too much. The teacher I aspire to be. Dedicated AF!

Aileen Morris

Nutter. Loving to a fault. Unwavering beliefs. A teaching and learning encyclopedia. Just awesome.

Sue Watling

Clever. Calm. Gentle. Thoughtful. Endlessly curious. A beautiful soul.

I’ve probably forgotten a lot of people. Please forgive me, it was not deliberate.

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