Exam like somebody’s watching

Today, I completed my first proctored online exam. This exam was my first direct experience of online proctoring. This blog is a reflection on my experience. If you read this blog and think, what’s the big deal about proctoring, please do some reading. I won’t repeat what many of my far more learned peers say […]

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New job, who dis?

It has been four months since I joined ALT as their new COO. I can no longer use ‘it’s my first day’ as an excuse. I had been a learning technologist, albeit with varying titles, for over ten years. I have worked at four different universities in that time. My last, was my longest. I […]

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Since March, we’ve been living in a completely different world. This is my COVID-19 blog. I am tired. My team is tired. We are doing our best. We are expected to do more with the same. I think there’s enough noise on this subject right now so that’s all from me. The end.

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Change vs. Compliance

Every so often, a new regulation comes in to being that scares the sh*t out of everyone. *GDPR flashback*. We rush around to make sure we’re compliant, when what we really want, is long term changes in practice, attitudes and behaviours. In this post, I’m going to look at the most recent tear stain on […]

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#OpenBlog19 Are we the baddies?

I’ve been thinking a lot about critical digital literacies and how I, as a supplier and ‘evangelist’, balance my professional role and my personal views. It has lead me to ask “are we the baddies?”. Before you read on, watch this brilliant Mitchell and Webb sketch: Who’s we? Well, I suppose I’m talking about those […]

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Impostor Syndrome is a Superpower

Impostor Syndrome (IS) is a ‘phenomena’ in which an individual doubts their abilities and lives in fear of being exposed as a fraud. Severity varies between individuals but impostor syndrome is perceived as negative. Ironically, as a shortcoming. I propose embracing your impostor syndrome. Your doubt is your strength. This is my first post in […]

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