Technology, Digital Capabilities and the Language of Change

Communication and resilience are key to change. Here here. We often neglect people and focus on the service. Change effects people differently but all change is disruptive. This is the basis of David Walker’s presentation. How do we avoid alienating everyone?

When we think about technologies we shouldn’t be distracted by the shiny stuff. I like to think of this as not doing stuff for the sake of it. Do we need to change? Is the disruption worth it? How do we support people through? How do we communicate?

David says that HE has taken a developmental approach to change rather than transformational. We’ve been in the brink of transformation for years but we’re yet to take the plunge. The learning curve is only going to get steeper.

How will people react to change? Badly? Well it’s largely down to poor communication. So true. Someone described it as setting the ‘hares running’. The rumours get out, Chinese whispers start and the message is completely different and much more frightening than it was when it was sent out.

Our language doesn’t help. What the heck does excellence mean for example. We need a common language. What works for business won’t work for engineering. We need to understand all contexts to get the message right.


So how do we implement change?


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