Benchmarking your students’ digital experience

We’re now talking student engagement with Ellie Russell, Student Engagement Partnership Manager, NUS, and Sarah Knight, Senior Co-design Manager, Jisc.

(I am getting RSI from blogging on my phone. I regret this decision. No WiFi so needs must)

So we’re looking at how we involve students in our learning community. It already kinda happens. Students unions, involvement in curriculum design and committees. What I was most pleased to hear was the acknowledgement that sometimes student engagement activities focus more on the warm and fuzzy feeling we get from doing it. Rather than looking at the results and impact.

So how do we involve students in the digital?Consider:

Are students involved from the start? In the design? What about training and support?

So, how do we measure student skills and experiences?

I love that after all the research Sarah Knight has done WiFi is the thing students are most concerned about.

Sarah suggests that we are not taking advantage of involving students in the development of our strategies. There is a real power in this. To persuade staff to improve their digital capabilities leaders said they want case studies, not from the teacher, from the learners perspective. This is something Jisc is working on. I look forward to those.

Jisc have created a student experience tracker. 11,000 responses have been received during pilots. A report will be released within weeks. Interesting that students are not told about how their data is held. Most surprising is that that’s something they are concerned about.

71% of students responded that their learning experience is improved when technology has been involved. We should be shouting loudly about this. Perhaps it will persuade the ‘negative Nelly’s’ to start using tech in their teaching.

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