Edit…| Day Two

Today was dedicated to honing pitches. How do you ensure your audience listens to your pitch? How do you influence your audience? How can you achieve buy in to your idea?

Day two was kicked off by Hil Gibbs who shared her tips for a great pitch. Our teams spent the day honing and practising their pitches ready for recording in the afternoon.

Our teams spent the afternoon working on their pitches. Honing down their ideas in to their simplest forms to create a convincing argument.

Our teams recorded their pitches. We played them at the Jisc Change Agents Network National Meet-up drinks reception. They were very well received and both teams were praised for their hard work and innovative ideas. Here are their pitches:

Analogue Garden – Linford and Tom

My Voice – Jasmine, Laura and Kirsten

We’re really excited to take forward these ideas and run the event again next year.

Edit…| Day one


We have been running the inaugural Edit event today. Students and staff are working together to generate ideas and improve the student experience. Here’s a brief look at what we’ve been doing so far.

We began by identifying problems that affect the student experience. We were lucky to be joined by Hil Gibbs who shared some techniques for identifying ideas.

  • Be like a child.
  • Banish fears, uncertainties and doubts.
  • Think about other worlds.
  • Screw-ups.
  • Random pictures.

Reframe problems in to challenges.

Look at other worlds.

Screw-ups and 5 whys


Transforming space


Plant-it society



Stakeholders and user stories


Two ideas will continue to be developed tomorrow:

  1. Students reviewing individual lectures/sessions to help staff to develop their teaching and improve student learning.
  2. Rooftop garden. Looking at the underutilised spaces at the University to develop exciting and stimulating social and learning spaces.