A tale of two conferences

This week, I was involved in two conferences, TEALfest and ucisa Spotlight on Digital Capabilities. This post is a reflection, therapy, warning and advice for anyone considering organising their own conference. Don’t do two conferences at the same time This ought to be obvious but it bears repeating. Do not schedule two conferences at the […]

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Academics are for life…

not just for Christmas. That should have been the title of the presentation I gave to the IT Services department at Leeds Beckett University last December. Instead, I called it “It’s all Academic”. Serious title regret.  I was asked to talk to the department about how to work better with Academics. First of all, I […]

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Losing my ALTc virginity

I have just returned from my first Association of Learning Technologists conference, so I thought I’d write a little blog about the experience. There was a lot of choice and I saw a lot of presentations so forgive some of the vague descriptions. As an aside, I loved ALTc. I genuinely enjoyed it. Although the […]

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Live blogging: Genius or Madness?

I have owned these domains for years and yet I have never got around to setting it up. Chiefly because there is always something else I should be doing. So why have I finally got round to enabling this website? Well tomorrow I will be attending UCISA Spotlight on Digital Capabilities 2 conference and thought […]

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Xerte Conference 2016

Yesterday, I attended the 2016 Xerte conference at Nottingham University. I had been invited to present with the Making Digital History project team and two students. It was a really interesting day and I’ve reflected on a few of the presentations. Students as Producers of Digital History: Using Xerte at the University of Lincoln. I […]

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Spotlight on Digital Capabilities

  On 5th and 6th June I attended the UCISA Spotlight on Digital Capabilities event in Media City, Manchester. We were honoured with two days of sunshine (a rare occurrence in Manchester I am told), a delicious meal with quiz in the incredible Imperial War Museum North and a fascinating programme of talks. I could write several […]

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